Download Solidworks Student Version Free 1-year Education License edition.

Nowadays many college and high school students are lucky enough to have access to SOLIDWORKS in classes and computer labs. This is a really great way to learn engineering and design principles, not just 3D CAD. But did you know that if you are a student at a school with a network of SolidWorks licenses, there is a good chance of accessing the SOLIDWORKS installation on your own personal computer? Free? Sounds great, right? Wrong!

Student Access Licensing

What is Student Access Licensing
Student admission licenses (Solidworks student edition) come in two flavors. There is a Student Design Kit (SDK) Solidworks application available in schools for students who have at least 45 network seats of SolidWorks. There is also a Student Engineering Kit (SEK) available to schools with 100 or more network seats. The Student Design Kit has established SolidWorks Standard, while the Student Engineering Kit has an installation with SolidWorks Premium, Simulation Premium, Flow Simulation, and SolidWorks Durability installation. Both SDK and SK come as standalone license installations, meaning that Solidworks can be run without a computer without being connected to a licensing network. 

To get Solidworks student edition free download 2020-2021 academic year read the below paragraph (How to get Free Access to Solidworks) 

How to get Free Access to Solidworks

many students have one question in their mind how to get Solidworks for free, How to Download Solidworks in 2020-2021.

First, you need to find out if your school qualifies. To do this, contact your school's CAD administrator. The person working on all of these things is SolidWorks. They will know how many licensed seats your school owns and whether you are eligible for SDK or SK programs. If you qualify, they will be able to provide you with a student admission code, SDK-ID, or SK-ID. Then go here to fill out the student admission form and get your serial number and Download Solidworks access.

If you find that your school does not qualify for student admission licenses, you still have options! Talk to your CAD administrator about the possibility of getting a temporary license from your network. This requires you to have access to your school network on your personal computer during the installation process. Once SolidWorks is installed using a network serial number, the computer must be connected to the network while the Solidworks application is in use, however, the license can be "borrowed" for up to 30 days.

SOLIDWORKS Student Edition

With SOLIDWORKS skills, you will have a clear advantage in the engineering or industrial design job market. The easy-to-use SolidWorks Student Edition lets you hone your skills outside the classroom as you learn to design great products.

SOLIDWORKS Download Instructions

To Download Solidworks' follow the following steps.

To get SolidWorks 2021: Free Download of the Full Version

Go here to fill out the student admission form and get your serial number and download access.

To get Solidworks student version free 1-year education license follow the below steps.

Download instructions for qualified educators, students, military, sponsored organizations, makers, and hobbyists.
1. Please enter your information in the fields below.  Note that all fields are required. shown in the below image 

2. Please enter accurate information, including your email address.  

Download instructions and other important information may, depending on the type of license selected, be emailed to the address you provide.

3. Enter Product Information if you already have a Serial Number that starts with 9020

4. Enter Academic Version 

5. select one of the following options if you are in a student team, student, teacher, hobbyist, maker, veteran its option is optional.

Is there anything else I should know

Yes, student admission permits are temporary. They expire one year after they become active or on November 30th of the next academic year, depending on their first arrival. For example, if you were admitted to the SDK license for the 2014-2015 school academic year and you activated it on August 1, 2014, your activation would expire on August 1, 2015.

If you do not activate by December 15, 2014, your activation will expire on November 30, 2015. If you are still a student enrolled in the school and would like to upgrade to the next edition for the next academic year, you will need to obtain a second admission code from your CAD administrator.

What do if I have questions about the software?

Many of SolidWorks' professional customers choose to purchase an annual subscription service, which allows customers to access unlimited technical support, among other things. Similar membership services are not available for student admission licenses; However, many great resources are available on the SolidWorks student website. You can send support emails to students with questions. Contact your school CAD administrator for help if you have technical issues with the Solidworks application installation.

How can I make sure SOLIDWORKS runs well?

If you are thinking of buying a laptop with CAD in mind, you need to take a look at the SolidWorks system requirements. If you are considering beefing up your system for really good performance, I suggest investing in professional-grade graphics cards. SolidWorks graphics card requirements can be found here. Also, when you go for installation, I recommend that you follow CAPINC's recommended installation procedure for best results.

We all know that life can be difficult as a college student. Hours are long, money is tight and stress is high as a training engineer. The last thing you need to worry about is whether or not there will be enough free computers in the lab or complete your assignment before the engineering building closes. Talk to your school's CAD administrator today to get SOLIDWORKS's application's own personal installation for free!

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