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Introduction to Engineering Drawing 

The Purpose of Engineering Drawings, Engineering drawing is the common language of engineers across the globe. Engineering drawing provides the required knowledge and process of creating drawings for any engineering or architectural application. Engineering drawings are drawn logically following the standard and format help an efficient way to communicate the design information. Engineering drawing describes a specific component in a way that the viewer of the drawing understands without misinterpretation.

Types of Engineering Drawings
Types of Engineering Drawings 

Various Types of Engineering Drawing Used in Mechanical Industries

Engineering drawings are classified based on their application in the industry processes as below.

  • Machine drawing
  • Production drawing 
  • Part drawing 
  • Assembly drawing.

Machine Drawing 

Machine drawing is related to a machine part or component. Machine drawing is created through several necessary orthographic views. This will help the reader to fully understand the size and shape of the component. Both part drawings and assembly drawings are used in machine drawing. Below shown is an example of a machine drawing.

Production Drawing 

A production drawing must contain the necessary information to manufacture a product. Production Drawing should furnish all the dimensions, limits, special finishing processes such as honing, lapping, surface finish, etc. to guide the craftsman on the shop floor in producing the component. The other information like material, the number of parts required should also be mentioned in the title block area.

Part Drawing 

Part drawing is a detailed drawing of a component to facilitate its manufacture. All the principles of orthographic projection, the technique of geometry representation and annotation must be followed to communicate the details in a part drawing. A part drawing with production details will be called as a production drawing or working drawing.

Assembly Drawing 

A drawing that shows the various components of an assembly in their actual working locations is an assembly drawing. The reasons why an assembly drawing is drawn are mentioned below 

  • To represent the design layout 
  • Indicate overall dimension 
  • To use in a company catalog, instruction manual, etc.
  • To show the exploded view 

How to Make Drawings?

To make Engineering Drawings is easy with CAD Software Every engineer should use CAD (computer aided design) software because of its many advantages.

AutoCAD is one such program and its main claim to fame is that it is relatively easy to use it is very comprehensive in its ability to create 2D and some 3D drawings and it very popular. 

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