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Engineering Drawing or Technical drawing

Introduction to Engineering Drawing - Basic of Engineering Drawing

What is an Engineering Drawing
                                                                  Engineering Drawing ( Technical drawing) is the common language of engineers across the globe. Engineering drawing provides the required knowledge and process of creating drawings for any engineering or architectural application. 

 Engineering drawings are drawn logically following the standards and format help an efficient way to communicate the design information Engineering drawing describes a specific component in a way that the viewer of the drawing understands without misinterpretation.

Engineering Drawing - What is Engineering Drawing - LearncadE
Engineering Drawing - What is Engineering Drawing - LearncadE

Basics of Engineering Drawing Drawing prepared by engineers in one country must be read and understood by the engineers from any other country irrespective of the language spoken. lettering in engineering drawing

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Hence engineering drawing is called the universal language of engineers. Similarly, drawing practice must follow certain rules to serve as a means of communication. For this purpose, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) adapted the International Standards on the code of practice for drawing. The other foreign standards are DIN of Germany BS of Britain and ANSI os America

The subject, in general, is designed to impart the following skills: Engineering Design
  1. Ability to read, understand and prepare engineering drawings
  2. Ability to make freehand sketching of objects
  3. Power to imagine, analyze and communicate 
  4. Capacity to understand other disciplines.

A professional who makes technical drawings is referred to as a drafting technician.

  1. Professional and engineering services 
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Architecture and Construction 
  4. Administrative and support services 

Various Types of Engineering Drawings used in Mechanical Industries - mechanical engineering drawing

Engineering Drawing Types are classified based on their application in the industry processes as below.  types of engineering drawing lines
engineering drawing types
  1. Machine drawing 
  2. Production drawing 
  3. Part drawing
  4. Assembly drawing

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